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3 Dec

The licensing of the trademark Spiga Barrata

The licensing of the trademark

What is the brand Spiga Barrata?

The brand Spiga Barrata is a registered trademark of Associations of celiac patients and is for the consumer celiac maximum guarantee of safety and suitability for their diet.

For Italy, the Spiga Barrata is granted only to companies that have signed a contract with Spiga Barrata Service, the social enterprise is part of the “group” AIC, which manages, on behalf of the Association, the granting of controlled logo.


Until 2005 the suitability of the food was done exclusively through the certification of product without gluten, conducted on behalf of AIC and second directions, by an external certifying body. Since 2006 Spiga Barred Service has set up a technical inner self to make right all the activities necessary for the evaluation of the products that require the use of the trademark Spiga Barrata.

A guarantee for the consumer

A recent survey by AIC has confirmed that consumers celiac and their families perceive the mark as a decisive indicator of quality and safety to trust in food choices. Over 2/3 of the sample favors products that display the mark.

 How to Use the Mark

Once the grant non-exclusive use by Spiga Barrata Service (with a contract renewable every three years), the mark may be used on packaging and publications / publicity regarding certified products. All brand products Spiga Barred are reported on page AIC, AIC Book of Foods and AIC Mobile App.

 Companies that can join the project

In addition to nutritional products for coeliacs, can be branded Spiga Barred also all products of free trade with a gluten content of <20 ppm. This means extending the consumption also to all family members of celiac, thus increasing the armature of potential consumers.

The conditions of grant

The criteria to be met to obtain the license to use the trade mark are contained in the Regulations for the granting and concern: of ingredients, manufacturing processes, procedures, qualification of suppliers, control of raw materials, staff training and cleaning / sanitation. The professional auditors of Spiga Barrata Service held an initial inspection of the concession at the production sites of the company and then annual visits surveillance under the Rules for granting use of the mark Spiga Barred.